Stephen Frandsen has told stories around the world for both commercial and feature projects. He discovered his love of filmmaking and photography in college and, after a two year stint with Teach for America, he apprenticed under noted still photographer, Rodney Smith. He then transitioned into motion picture filmmaking, first as a production manager, then a producer, all the while jumping at any opportunity to shoot sill photographs or direct film and video projects. His directorial debut came with the 2012 documentary feature, Duck Beach to Eternity, that debuted at the Seattle International Film Festival and played at festivals around the country.

He has garnered acclaim and awards as a result of his strong ability to work with actors and real people alike, and tell their stories in interesting, unique, and often funny ways. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and almost three kids.


Best Drama - LA Shorts International Film Festival, Best Drama - NY Shorts International Film Festival, New Director's Showcase - Shoot Magazine, Cannes Selection - Dawn Documentary, Mashies Finalist - Dawn Documentary, Seattle Film Festival Official Selection - Duck Beach to Eternity


The BBC says his work is "insightful and utterly consuming." 

The Hollywood Reporter says it is "intriguing."

Adweek calls his work "real enough to actually warrant a rare bit of respite from cynicism."